Reset PT provides individualized, 55 minute treatment sessions without the use of assistants. Each session is tailored to the goals of the client. Sessions combine functional retraining and exercise, and manual therapy. The space is bright, calming, and private.

A typical session incorporates assessment, neuromuscular re-education, functional exercise, and hands on therapy. Home programs are purposefully designed to integrate correct movement patterns into your daily life.

What We Provide

Redcord Suspension Therapy
Trigger Point Dry Needling
Manual Therapy
Functional Assessment for the Recreational Athlete
Prehab and Post Operative Rehab

Redcord Suspension Therapy

Redcord helps activate muscles in a way that is functional, without pain or compensation. The suspension aspect enables the therapist to offload the body in order to retrain proper movement patterns.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

When a muscle is over-firing or inhibited, due to faulty posture, movement, or compensation, a trigger point forms. Dry needling is a technique to release the trigger point and reset the muscle in order to retrain it in its proper patterning.

Manual Therapy

Hands on therapy is important to providing individualized treatment. Forms of manual therapy  include spinal and joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, graston, kinesio taping, and cupping.

Functional Assessment for the Recreational Athlete

Colorado is home to the recreational athlete of all ages. An imbalance in the movement system contributes to compensation and pain with these activities. It’s important to assess each component of movement involved in a sport, especially when they involve rotation such as golf or tennis. A treatment program specific to the movement required for these activities is important for a successful outcome.

Prehab and Post-operative Rehab

If you’re having an elective surgery, it’s important to go in as strong and prepared as possible. A few sessions of PT before surgery can set you up for a more successful rehab after your surgery. Post operative rehab should be specific to you and we can provide the undivided attention you deserve.

“I came into Rhonda’s office less than 6 weeks away from my marathon with a painful hip injury. Rhonda created a thorough program, specific to my needs, to help me repair and rebuild in my short window of time. I not only completed the race, but beat my goal by 20 mins all thanks to her!”

Elizabeth Jones


How much does a visit cost?

$145 per 55-minute session. There is a discount for Medicare. Payment is collected at the time of service.

Do you take any insurance?

We are out of network with private insurance companies. However, we are happy to provide a superbill for you to submit to your health insurance for those that have out of network benefits.

What about Medicare?

We are a non-participating provider of Medicare for those who have Medicare as their primary insurance vs a Medicare Advantage plan.  This is different from traditional Medicare in that you pay at the time of service, and then your claim is submitted to Medicare. Reimbursement of services is sent to the client. The total amount depends on what type of secondary you have and the current Medicare reimbursement rate.

Why is Reset out of network?

By being out of network, we are not bound to insurance companies deciding the parameters of treatment. Most in-network PT clinics can only provide 30 minute treatments, often provided by extenders such as assistants or aides.  At Reset, your PT can provide a full hour of treatment that is customized to your needs and driven by the goals set by you. This all makes your care more efficient, and often you don’t need as many visits.

Do I need a referral from a doctor to see you?

Colorado is a direct access state, so you don’t need a referral to get PT. The exception to this is Medicare, which you do need a referral.

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