How much does a visit cost?

$145 per 55-minute session. There is a discount for Medicare. Payment is collected at the time of service.

Do you take any insurance?

We are out of network with private insurance companies. However, we are happy to provide a superbill for you to submit to your health insurance for those that have out of network benefits.

What about Medicare?

We are a non-participating provider of Medicare for those who have Medicare as their primary insurance vs a Medicare Advantage plan.  This is different from traditional Medicare in that you pay at the time of service, and then your claim is submitted to Medicare. Reimbursement of services is sent to the client. The total amount depends on what type of secondary you have and the current Medicare reimbursement rate.

Why is Reset out of network?

By being out of network, we are not bound to insurance companies deciding the parameters of treatment. Most in-network PT clinics can only provide 30 minute treatments, often provided by extenders such as assistants or aides.  At Reset, your PT can provide a full hour of treatment that is customized to your needs and driven by the goals set by you. This all makes your care more efficient, and often you don’t need as many visits.

Do I need a referral from a doctor to see you?

Colorado is a direct access state, so you don’t need a referral to get PT. The exception to this is Medicare, which you do need a referral.

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