Rhonda Dodge, PT, MSPT

Rhonda believes strongly in the mind body connection, since movement originates in the brain. Building a trusting therapeutic relationship is vital to the healing process. Her over 20 years of experience as a physical therapist integrates training in a variety of therapeutic techniques with a deep compassion toward treating the individual where they are in order to move them to where they can be.

Each session is organized based on the goals of the client, and how their body is moving, or what their symptoms are at that time. She loves the challenge of piecing together the cause of pain and educating her clients about their bodies in order to empower them to prevent and treat future painful episodes.


Born out of curiosity and creativity with a focus on clients and simplicity, Reset Physical Therapy is about restoring your body to what it wants to do. We are about resetting your body, your mind, your goals, and resetting your expectations of what you think your body can no longer do. Reset doesn’t mean start over, or rewind.  There’s no regret with Reset, only possibility. 

We Believe

Healthy movement is the foundation of living well.
Education is the key to empowering individuals to heal themselves.
In not only treating your symptoms, but finding the cause.

Reset Physical Therapy is located in the North Cherry Creek neighborhood in Denver.

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